Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surreal Project

In this project, the theme I was trying to portray was peace. I believe I did a good job of this, firstly by the pictures that I used. I got my sky from one of the skies that Mrs. Bloedel provided for us, I took a picture of a book, because I think of books as peaceful and quiet. I used a picture of a tree with yellow and red leaves because I thought those colors were the most peaceful. The dove that I added brought the picture to life, in my opinion, so that the landscape didn’t seem too dull. I added a vignette to the picture to make the piece seem warmer, I also added a layer filled with a yellow-ish color and brought the opacity down in order to make the whole image seem more peaceful, because yellow is a peaceful color. I added a shadow in the crease of the book to make the whole piece seem more realistic, and I think that my shadows on the dove and the tree also help to prove that same point. Over all I think I did a good job of portraying the feeling of peace, and peacefulness with this project and I am proud of what came out.


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